Campaña por salvar una niña en China y terminar el genocidio de mujeres ahora

Salvar una niña en China, de la política del hijo único los varones se salvan pero si eres niña eres forzada a abortar si es el segundo hijo °°°…—…texto y vínculos por los cuales puedes hacer llegar la carta al Presidente de US y líderes del Parlamento Europeo, así como al Secretario general de la ONU y Partido Comunista Chino. . .
enlaces a través de Twitter o Facebook. Gracias por salvar una niña
Gilma Gámez  y


A message from the campaign to

End Gendercide Now

Invite your friends to sign the petition to The President of the United States, UN Secretary General, Leaders of the European Parliament, The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Posted By: Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (campaign leader)

Thank you for choosing to support the End Gendercide campaign on

You’ve now received several emails from our organization Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, and we thought you’d like to know a little bit more about who we are and the current situation in China.

The Chinese government boasts that it has “prevented” 400 million lives through its One Child Policy. 

That number is greater than the population of the United States and Canada combined. Meanwhile, experts have estimated that as many as 200 million women are missing in the world today because of gendercide, the sex-selective abortion of baby girls. That number is greater than all the casualties of all the wars of the 20th century.

Founder and President of WRWF Reggie Littlejohn has led a highly effective international advocacy campaign to raise awareness of violence against women in connection with the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy. 

She has testified six times at the U.S. Congress and has three times briefed the European Parliament, twice the British Parliament, the Irish and Canadian Parliaments, as well as the White House, State Department and the Vatican.  Her efforts were instrumental in laying the foundation for a resolution condemning forced abortion passed by the European Parliament in 2012, and an Agreed Conclusion against coercive birth control set forth by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2013. WRWF played the leading role in the international campaign to free famed and persecuted dissident Chen Guangcheng, and ever living the mission at home, Littlejohn is currently raising the daughters of the pro-democracy dissident Zhang Lin, who is being imprisoned in China without cause.

WRWF’s “Save a Girl” campaign has rescued approximately 200 baby girls in China, who otherwise may have succumbed to abortion, abandonment, or crushing poverty — just because they were girls.  

How can you help?

Learn more about the “Save a Girl” campaign

Sign the petition to end forced abortion and gendercide

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